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video src:Art Thomya Journey Welcome to UTTARAKHAND! Art Thomya, a Thai singer/songwriter, will show you one of the most unseen region of india - UTTARAKHAND. "This is my first trip to India and I've already discovered a true heaven on earth. This unseen region of India has plenty of incredible stories to share. Are you ready to come with me?...
Food in #thevedicwedding in #triyuginarayantempleis fully organic,healthy and tasty...The raw material used is itself are local produces from Triyuginarayan village and Cooked by the rasoyiyas of village...Hence empowering the village community is main motto of @triyuginarayanweddings
“Dhol Damau” are the two ancient folk musical instruments of Uttarakhand state of India. In ancient time, these instruments were the only means of public communication. Different Forms of musical beats were played on different occasions which includes Name-Christerning-ceremony, Betrothal-ceremony, Marriage ceremony, worship of God or Goddess, Social-gathering, Folk dramas, community-theatres, Las-rites etc. The present condition of these folk drummers...

The Hidden Village

Khati is the last Inhabited Village located enroute Pindari Glacier in Bhageshwar District of Uttarakhand. It is approx 5 Kms Trek from Kharkiya which is where the road ends and the trail to Pindari Glacier Trek begins. The trail is filled with beautiful rhododendron and oak forests. This video was taken during a trek to Pindari Glacier in December,...
My first attempt at timelapse that I shot while on location for a project is was part of in Almora, Uttarakhand. Couldn't quite remove all the jitters, unfortunately. But hopefully I'll be able to keep at it and get better. :)
The Valley of Flowers National Park is positioned in the lap of the Bhyundar Ganga in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas and extends across a throbbing area measuring approximately 87.5 square kilometers. The Valley of Flowers National Park achieved the status of being a national park in the year of 1982. The vibrant and intriguing beauty of the...
Lakes in Uttarakhand are the biggest attraction of Uttarakhandtourism.Lakes mirror the Heavens and Uttarakhand, the Land of Gods, is additionally honored with an abundance of lakes or Tals as they are referred to, suitably underlining its significance as a position of indefinable characteristic magnificence. Some will ask why certain areas have been so overpoweringly honored with the bounties of Nature however we should all...
Jhankar Saim Mahadev is one of the famous temples in the Jageshwar temple complex in.This temple is situated south of Jageshwar. Legend has it that during the Tapasya by Lord Shiva, Demons obstruct His penance. Then God Jhanker Saim come into being as Trinetra and sends his ganas to kill the demons. How to Reach Jhankar Mahadev Temple: This temple...
A promotional film for a motorcycle tourism company that I had the pleasure of directing and photographing. The Golu Devta Temple was one of many stops along this incredible journey. Video Src Grzegorz Gill



Jwalpa Devi Temple, Pauri

Katarmal Sun temple Almora