Creating Opportunities In Road Safety & Adventure Sports For Women: Mukul Vinay Kataria

Mukul Vinay Kataria is working for women of Uttarakhand in a very unique manner, being a person who love motorbikes and is a professional motorbike rider and someone who loves to explore the mountains, is making sure that through his initiative, he is educating women in Uttarakhand about traffic safety and also giving a platform to women who wish to make a career in adventure sports and stunting. He is a Social Activist, Engineer, Racer, Solo Explorer and is impacting a lot of people while he undertakes various treks. He informed that with “Gearup99” he will be spreading his project in the entire Uttarakhand and will open up opportunities for the women folk. On asking that how difficult he finds this project, as there is hardly anybody doing something like, he tells us, “Indeed it is difficult, as this particular field is still new in our country and state, we hardly meet any girl who might be interested in getting into this field. However we are soon coming up with an academy, where any interested girl can register with us and we will be providing training in these fields for the same. Mukul also talks to the families of women to tell them about road safety and various opportunities in adventure sports and stunting, so that even if there any single girl interested, he and his organization is ready to provide them training and various opportunities. Mukul belongs to Dehradun and has done his education from Kendriya Vidyalay, Dehradun. His workshops are very unique, he provides the interested women folk in Uttarakhand an opportunity to interact with international female riders, women in stunting and women in adventure sports from India and abroad. We are happy to connect with Mukul and wish him all the very best for his initiative. We really hope he is able to spread his impact nationwide..


An event to aware Women of India about their Road Traffic Safety Awareness, Introduction of Motorsports, Unexplored women tradition of North India and our Invited Guest endless Strength/Affords,Achievements in the World of Motorsports.An Event who inspire other Women how to React and Survive on Highways and Road Incedents,overcome with regenerate confidence from their personnel issues and a Motivational,Inspirational discussion workshop regarding Road Traffic Education and Introduction of Adventure Motorsport in Uttrakhand by Our Women Empowering Societies along with ourselves and Uttrakhand Government traffic Department.

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