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Though a small town, Dwarahat leaves a lasting effect on its visitors with its picturesque surroundings and religious significance. Some of the places that are a must visit for any visitor when in Dwarahat are: Dunagiri Temple: 15 kilometers from Dwarahat is the famous temple of Dunagiri. Pandukholi: Situated at a distance of 27 kilometers from Dwarahat, are the caves of Pandukholi. Vimandeshwar: Situated 10 kilometers from Dwarahat, lies this temple.

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Doonagiri Temple

It is located 15 kilometers from Dwarahat is the famous temple of Dunagiri. Dunagiri is a historic area in Almora district in the state of Uttarakhand in India. Approximately 400 km (250 mi) from Delhi, a cluster of six small villages forms the place that is variously known as Dunagiri, Drongiri and Doonagiri. 116 such villages combine to form the Development Block of Dwarahat, which falls under the District of Almora. Located at a height of 8,000 feet (2,400 meters) above sea level, Dunagiri is famous within Kumaon for its temple of Shakti known here as Dunagiri Devi.


Pandukholi or Pandav-kholi is considered to be one of the places which Pandavas used as shelter during their 13 years of exile. Baba ji (Yogananda Paramhansa) The famous yogi who wrote Autobiography of a Yogi, visited this place. Baba ji cave is at foothill of this place. If you are visiting Babaji's cave in Dunagiri, India you should definitively climb a bit higher and visit Pandukholi. Best place for peace and meditations.It is Situated at a distance of 27 kilometers from Dwarahat.

Vimandeshwar Mahadev Temple

It is Situated 10 kilometers from Dwarahat, lies this temple. Dwarahat is a place important from the archaeological point of view. Five Km. from Dwarahat is Vimandeshwar, which is also called Brahmandeshwar is the place for this important Fair. It is hardly 5 Kms. away from Dwarahat, whereas Dwarahat is hardly 37 Kms. from Ranikhet on Ranikhet Karnaprayag Marg. Every year in the last Gate of Chaitra month, this fair is held at Vimandeshwar in the night. In the Fair Lord Shiva is worshipped. This is called Bikhauti fair. A fair is also held at Dwarahat Bazar, on the first Gate of Vaishakh month. This is called Syalde Fair. Thus both the Fairs combined are called the Syalde Bikhauti Fair. It is also called the Dwrain Fair. The Fairs are held on Ist Gate (14) April Called Chhoti Syalde and Vaisakh 2 and 3 gate (April 15 & 16) called Badi Syalde.


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