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Gwaldam is a sleepy little town situated about 3 kms from the Baijnath. It is starting point for some of the most exciting trekking routes in the Himalayas and the base for the trek to Roop Kund. This quaint small hill station is hovering at an altitude of 1700 mts above the sea level and is located in the Chamoli. This place exhibit many apple orchards and one could go about exploring roads which wrap around their way through dense forests and terraced fields. Gwaldam offers a fascinating view of Himalayan peaks Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. For trekkers, Gwaldam offering a 3 km trek amidst bewitchingly beautiful nature in the company of nameless flowers, endless springs and countless birds will take you to Badhangarhi temple, perched on a narrow ridge.

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Angora Farm

This farm is located about 1 km ahead from main Gwaldam’s main market. It was established in 1987, the farm has five shillas or homes for 170 mohair goats. The state run Angora farm is a kilometer ahead from Gwaldham’s main bazar, established in 1987. The farm has five Shila houses 35-37 animals. During the day, the goats are taken to graze in the nearby meadows leaving the newborns safely behind. One enclosure has 60 massive German Angora Rabbits. The man in-charge runs a tight shift on the elaborate breeding and feeding habits of these exotic rabbits.The state-run Angora farm is 1 km ahead from main Gwaldam's main market. It was established in 1987, the farm has five shillas or homes for 170 mohair goats... direct waterfall in India

Badhangarhi Temple

7KM from Gwaldam .. Badharangadi is situated 6kms from Gwaldam on a high mountain at an elevation of 2,260mts above sea level. This place is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The kings of yester- years lived here and the remains of the forts of those days still lie here.. This major attraction of Gwaldam is situated on a high mountain at an elevation of 2,260mts above the sea level. Dedicated to Goddess Durga, this place has remains of the fort of kings of past

Buddhist Khamba Temple

Buddhist Khamba Temple. 1.5 kms from the market There is a small village in Gwaldam situated 1.5kms from the market which follows Buddhism. The Baudh Math here is worth a visit. The sanctum is lined with statues of various incarnation of Budda.


Gwalnaag. 3 kms / 9 mins.Situated 3kms from Gwaldam, Gwalnaag is located on the Dhalua meadow. The slopes here are ideal for skiing. 2kms further from here, the Garud Valley looks like a diamond studded bowl.

Machhi Tal GWALDAM

Hidden in a nook in the ridge along gentle stream 9 km cut out of Gwaldam the road to Debal, Machhi Tal came up in 1928, when the British thought they would breed fish here for personal consumption. This tranquil spot amidst thick forests makes for a lovely picnic spot.


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