Famous Lakes of Uttarakhand

Lakes reflect the Heavens and Uttarakhand, the Land of Gods, is also blessed with a bounty of lakes or Tals as they are known, aptly underlining its importance as a place of indescribable natural beauty. Some will wonder why certain regions have been so overpoweringly blessed with the bounties of Nature but we should all be thankful to God that such places do exist where you can experience nature at its finest, with a profusion of mountains, rivers, forests, valleys, flowers and lakes. Uttarakhand is one such area that has everything you could possibly desire. If it has mountains and rivers, it also has a collection of lakes that are places worthy of a visit. A few of these are:

Bhimtal Lake

Bhullatal Lake

Chorabari Tal

Dhalipur Lake

Dodi tal

Gauri Kund

HemKund Lake

Kashni Tal



Masar Tal

Nachiketa Tal


Nandi Kund

Naukuchia Tal

Roopkund Lake


Sat Tal

Satopanth lake

Tara Kund

Vasuki Tal

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