Village/Home Stay in Uttarakhand

One of the best things about Uttarakhand is the wide variety of geological conditions and climates that the States offers. If you plan on spending a few days in a beautiful Himalayan village in Uttarakhand then this is the place to be in. These villages have their own uniqueness in their own natural and cultural way. From communities, to families to individuals, several rural tourism model developments have happened through a hand holding process by Help Tourism. After a few years of hand holding in identifying and creating tourism product, training of local people and giving them a market linkage for years, the hand holding process is completed, but connecting tourists to these village destinations still continues. Till date the innovative product team of Help Tourism still provides the best experience of these destinations through their tour leaders. The village stays include very simple facilities as homestays, homestay lodges, lodges, village resorts, community units, inspection bungalows, temporary facilities etc all providing authentic rural experience. These village destinations created by Help Tourism provides several volunteering opportunities. Village Stay Tour to Uttarakhand is for those who want to keep relationship with the Culture & Tradition nature & wildlife of 'Dev Bhumi' Uttarakhand.

ChaMola Manila Village

Mathali,Pauri Garhwal

Pangot Nainital

Pauri Garhwal

Ratighat Nainital

Sundarkhal Village

Village Jimar(Salt Almora)

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